About Us

Who We Are

To us our clients’ properties are like humans:  building management systems are the brains; windows and walls are the skin; HVAC is the lungs; pumping is the heart; piping and ducting are the arteries and veins. We restore and maintain their health with least-cost spending. We provide the behavioral and operational style changes to best attain optimal performance. We only recommend technologies that provide energy, water, and environment conservation measures for continuous improvement to ensure all properties maintain their health and efficiency.

What We Do

First and foremost, we specialize in saving our clients a great deal of their money, particularly wasted money! Peter Drucker wrote: “If you can't measure, you can't manage.” We say, “If you can't monitor, measure and analyze, you can't manage, control and predict.” Converging IoT and intelligent systems with cloud computing and analytics have pivoted clients from costly reactive to predictive maintenance strategies, allowing convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance to prevent unexpected and costly equipment failures.

Why Choose Us

It’s the simple things like restoration vs replacement. We deliver solutions within budget. We offer multiple pricing initiatives, including direct CAPEX and OPEX, time-based and shared-savings to ensure we provide what's promised, with typical ROI or payback in months not years. Our clients like and trust us. Most have bought from us before. Hence, most of our business comes from word-of-mouth via referrals. Please take a moment to view our energy, water, and environmental solutions and services along with our measurement and verification (M&V) systems.

We proudly provide STEM training through NEF

Environment Water Energy Solutions (EWES) has formed an exclusive global partnership with the National Education Foundation (NEF). It’s committed role is to ensure that NEF, with Founder & Chairman Dr. Appu Kuttan, achieve their mission and goal of educating +1,000,000 K-12 kids in STEM education for FREE. How? For every kilowatt hour of electricity or gallon of water or cubic foot of gas saved in USA K-12 schools and community colleges, EWES will donate 10% -21% of the costs saved to NEF, who in turn will grant the savings to K-12 schools for FREE STEM education! Educating +1,000,000 K-12 kids to close the skills gap with pre-work training will ensure they enter the workforce ready to go and earn a decent wage. EWES is honored to partner with ”Dr. K” and NEF in such a worthwhile cause. To ensure joint mission success, EWES will provide each and every K-12 school district the ability to implement its unique and proven energy (electricity, water, gas) saving technologies with a special Shared Savings Agreement ($$A) on a ZERO Capital Outlay, ZERO Risk or Debt, ZERO Wait for Shared-Savings basis.

Our Environmental Mission

• We are very passionate about our environment and we possess a very green outlook.
• We are just as passionate about our technology contributing to a better and safer world.
• We provide measures that reduce pollution, carbon emissions and environmental waste.
• We strive to comply with and to exceed existing & new global environmental regulations.
• We regularly assess the environmental effects & impact of our activities and operations.
• We expect similar environmental standards from our clients, suppliers and contractors.

EWES Headquarters

Corporate address:
Environment Water Energy Solutions
6708 Benjamin Road - Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33634 - United States  


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